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Whole cloth acceptance/rejection

Updated: Dec 9, 2023

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Unfolding awareness

When we reject or accept in broad terms we include a greater set of parameters for our rejection or acceptance. We are generalizing our preferences. They become non-distinct, fuzzy, ill defined.

Interestingly, if we fine tune and accurately define what we reject, then we reject less. We are less prone to being triggered because the trigger has to be more precise to affect us.

If, however, we are too precise with what makes us happy, brings contentment and joy, we will suffer from needing a specific trigger before we appreciate and accept our happiness. We can't feel happy with non-precise triggers.

Instead, we need to keep a broadcloth approach to positivity and happiness; accepting a more generalized or fuzzy definition results in greater happiness.


Someone who ate and didn't like poached salmon, says "I hate fish." This is based on not liking . Instead of disliking just one fish cooked one way, we've decided we hate all fish.

"I want a 1996 pink Cadillac 4 door and convertible roof" Is so specific that unless we get exactly that, we're going to be disappointed and unhappy with anything different.


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