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Our Story


History: Shakti Ma has been helping people "help themselves" for over 10 years. We have a history of successfully guiding others to achieve a state of mindfulness, self awareness and compassion. 

Training:  Shakti Ma provides both guided and independent  instruction, resources and tools to facilitate efficient progress and evolution for students. We recommend a proven Progression but each student determines their course; you chose what, where and how to follow the course materials.  

Tools: ShaktiMa offers tools include Meditation, prayers, and processes, as well guided instruction in Transmigration, Four States of Being, Ego Road Map and Emotional Integration. 

Virtue Virtues are guidelines for living life. In general, we recognize seven virtues—hope, prudence, charity, faith, strength, justice, and compassion. Living in virtue reduces suffering and increases joy.


Results  Successful completion of the Shakti Ma Progression offers our members a sense of peace, harmony and acceptance that carries us through life filled with love, gratitude and an awareness to help us grow and develop personally, professionally, and spiritually.  Share a life with purpose and direction. 

Want things to change? Change what you are doing.

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Shakti Ma has evolved to its current form since ts beginning almost 2 decades ago. Over that time, we've created a successful Progression based experience, offering  proven, efficient and practical techniques for achieving mindfulness and peace to those seeking a different way to 

Be ..

We were originally called Healing Mother before selecting Shakti Ma

as a better representation of our program. 

Shakti Ma is Sanskrit for Peace and love of Divine Mother.


offer a full program to follow at your own pace. Absolute Freedom is very important to Shakti ma. We are each absolutely free to both pursue any course, action or program and we are also responsible for the results or consequences


We learn most efficiently with experience to guide us; experience shows us what works and what doesn't. SM shows us how to make our experiences efficient and effective; allowing us to gain as much wisdom as possible with each new opportunity our story presents.


SM offers different tools and practices that increase the consciousness, wisdom and understanding each experience can provide and decrease our feelings of  loneliness, stress, frustration, and anxiety, that are so prevalent in the world right now.

With each experience we also learn to improve our state of being; increasing our peace, happiness and well-being. As we progress, we can't help but also influence others; helping them find increased peace, happiness and well-being. We help "pay it forward". 



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Shakti Ma helps you create the life you want using  the Shakti Ma Progression.  These proven tools develop self awareness and growth and we learn a different ways of looking at life while  gaining a new perspective on our future.

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In Shakti Ma, the practice of being in virtue supports the attitude of the healer. For example: 

  • Hope: We learn to move in Hope. To do this, we practice Emotional Integration to remove our obstacles to inner peace and happiness. With Hope  we refine our perceptions and discover the Truth.

  • Prudence:  When we do send energy, we strive to be highly conscious, in compassion, but not attached to the outcome of our efforts. In the Shakti Ma, we don’t go against nature; we work with nature in a prudent manner - we respect the evolution of the person and the decision of the soul.

  • Charity: Charity is giving what the other person needs, without expectation, attachment or what we will get in return.

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Candles and Wood


Shakti Ma helps you create the life you want using proven skills that develop self awareness and growth.
Learn a different way of looking at the world an gain a new perspective on your future.


Be prudent in your affairs. Accepting assistance when needed is efficient and mindful of our responsibilities to ourselves and others. 

Shakti Ma is NOT a source for medical advice.

We do NOT offer any medical services or consultation.

If you have a medical condition you must follow the laws of your country and you should consult your health provider or Doctor.

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