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Are you unsure what to look for?

With Seeker Level, we offer a  taste of what Shakti Ma can offer without intimidation or pressure. We do not introduce esoteric or spiritual wisdom at this level. Instead, we offer helpful  basic life skills and provide support for your journey while you learn proven tools that can help you reach your goal of a happier and more fulfilling future.

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The 9th and final  level of the Shakti Ma progression is called MAGE. At this point in your journey you have mastered all Mantras and Processes of Shakti Ma and you become eligible for the Shin Bo In initiation and the title of MAGE, a Master of yourself and the world around you; compassion and acceptance are your daily companion through life.  

Paid Subscription
Teachers and Instructors are often available depending on the course or subject.
There is a separate fee for this service set by the teacher or instructor.

We also teach energy techniques including : 

Breathing  exercises


Mantras (chants/prayers)

Mudras (hand positions)

Members Section

Here we provide deeper wisdom to those students who are devoted and disciplined; willing to learn and practice for personal and spiritual growth and always building on their skills and techniques from the previous levels.

The total progression has 3 tiers with 3 levels in each for a total of 9 levels. In Numerology - one of our offerings - this format reflects 

expansion/transmission and completion or fulfillment .

Be the Change You Seek

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The Progression has been designed to help make your journey toward self awareness and consciousness as efficient as possible. It starts with basic concepts and principals of spirituality and mindfulness and it builds up to more complex and esoteric wisdom.

We have created a successful program to guide students through the Progression efficiently and smoothly. Students are free to choose the order in which each level is completed,  but confirmation of each level of understanding is required before advancing to the next Level or Tier.

We encourage the concept of Absolute Freedom. 

Its your journey - you decide. 

Change yourself 
change the world

Our Mission

Shakti Ma offers proven methods and practices for self awareness and care by creating the

Change You Seek.

With our program you will:

  • Discover ways to identify what is keeping you from creating the life you want

  • Learn new ways to deal with old problems

  • Embrace change

Consider a donation as a contribution and exchange of energy for the wisdom received.

Be generous with your gratitude but prudent with your finances.

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