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Shakti Ma is a global community, known as a Sangha, offering support and wisdom to anyone seeking answers and guidance for a better, happier life.

Shakti Ma provides answers to your questions concerning spirituality as well as offering a path to Mindfulness. A mindful life reduces suffering by understanding and removing fears, worries and concerns, contributing greatly to peace of mind.

Shakti Ma offers a variety of tools through a guided program known as a "Progression" to help you gain self awareness (or Self-Realization) by expanding your consciousness and awareness.

Shakti Ma members contribute to and benefit from learning and understanding that suffering, while universal, can be transformed into love, peace and joy with the right tools and resources.


Shakti Ma will help you attain your goals by supporting your personal growth and transformation. You will develop the consciousness and skills you need to grow and develop personally, professionally, and spiritually. ​

Want things to change? Change what you are doing.

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To be mindful is to be aware of what’s going on, around you and inside you.

It is the act of being present to your own self.

Be the example

What You Learn

With the Shakti Ma Progression, we learn how to use a variety of techniques to reveal the mechanics of the transformational process. Mahaananda Reiki, Kuji-In and Transmigration are a sample of the techniques offered in Shakti Ma, along with breathing exercises.

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Power of Breath

Learning how to breathe properly and

 efficiently helps you manage your energy and your life force.

Any path to self discover starts with breath. The breathing techniques help us to more mindful.

Emotional  Integration

And The 4 States of Being


With Emotional Integration and the 4 states of being we learn to observe our emotions. This helps us to dissolve the hold an emotion can have on us and help us find our peace and happiness;

allowing our healing to begin.

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Shakti Ma helps you help yourself

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The Power of You 

Only you can transform and make a change for yourself.

No one else can do that for you.

How to start

Join Shakti Ma today and start your journey of

self discovery and

mindfulness today.​​

This is the sign you've been waiting for

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Be the Change You Seek

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