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Black Sky

Seekers Level

Our Seekers Level offers helpful basic life skills without intimidation or pressure. 

We help you help yourself in Becoming

The Change You Seek 

Learn proven methods and practices that will support you on your journey of self discovery.

** We have notated those practices that are more effective and efficient with an "initiation" which you can request when ready.

You can also Buy the Book 

"The Wisdom of Shakti Ma" for the entire self-guided program

Discover the simply yet effective tool of being conscious of your breathing. This consciousness lets us focus our attention inside and become completely aware of the simple act of breathing....

The goal for becoming a member of the Shakti Ma is to help you heal and overcome pain so that you live in peace and joy. After you learn these techniques, you can apply them to help yourself  and others. Our school supports each member’s healing and spiritual evolution so that each  can fully accomplish themselves to their fullest potential

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Illness can be caused by an unresolved emotion that has become dense in the physical body. To dissolve this emotion, use the tool of Emotional Integration, which is conscious suffering.  It is the process of fully experiencing our emotions, which dissolves our hold on them and their effect on us. Our thoughts and emotions are of the body, not of the soul.  The result of this process is to sit in the true self, living without drama, on the path to Self-Realization.


  • Chakras (video)


The 21 Masks of the Ego guide us in observing our emotions and behaviors,  identifying the forces of nature inside ourselves and understanding them outside of  ourselves.  

An  exhaustive contemplation, a way of life, of five states of being—Peace,  Forgiveness, Compassion, Gratitude and Mindfulness. The contemplation is a passive  meditation: breathe, pay attention inside, calm the   mind, and observing that you are  aware of yourself.

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